Why Therapists Should Rate Therapy Companies

I remember applying to my first job as a therapist and not having a clue what the facility was like. I asked all my questions during the interview but was still looking for more answers from therapists about the company. This information is surprisingly very tough to find!

Rate my therapy company is a platform for therapists to rate and review therapy companies to increase transparency. The platform will help therapists have realistic expectations of jobs to limit burnout. Therapists who hear about a job before working it are more likely to stay. I have listed four reasons why therapists should rate therapy companies.


1.Help filter out companies with unsustainable practices. The days are long gone when companies can do shady activities without therapists knowing about it. With the growth of social media, we hope to hold “shady” companies more accountable. New graduates are most likely to enter these types of jobs due to a lack of experience with jobs and with the desire to pay off loans.


2.Help companies with good business practices stand out. The website is also geared toward posting not only negative reviews but positive ones. It is very important to rate positive experiences you have had with a company. This will give more positive exposure to the company and attract more quality talent. A company that treats its employees and patients well is better for everyone. There is less burnout, therapists are happier, and clinicians are able to treat patients more ethically.


3.Improve transparency for therapists. The more you know the more you know. I have received many messages from new graduates stating how beneficial the information is on the platform when finding a new job. Posting reviews gives everyone a  reference and a starting point to compare their experiences with. Unsure if your company is treating you well or not? Check the website to see how other companies treat their employees.


4.Reviews can be anonymous. Want to make a review but afraid your employer may see it? You can post a review anonymously. You can even post a past job to be safe and keep it as vague as possible.


Knowing about other companies empowers the therapist to make better choices when choosing a company. It benefits the therapist when other therapists know how companies treat employees! I hope this article encourages therapists to rate companies.


Rate My therapy Company

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